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Dinnington Guardian (defunct)

The Dinnington Guardian was a local sub-edition of the paid-for weekly tabloid newspaper the Worksop Guardian for the South Yorkshire community of Dinnington and surrounding villages in the southern part of the Metropolitan Borough of Rotherham.

It first appeared in 1986 as the Dinnington and District Guardian, and was followed by the Maltby and District Guardian the following year; the two merged in 1992 as the Dinnington & Maltby Guardian, which in turn became the Dinnington and Maltby edition of a single Guardian title in 1993, merged with the Worksop Guardian (which became the Bassetlaw edition). It regained its separate identity in 2011.

Like its parent newspaper, it was published by North Notts Newspapers (a branch of the nationwide publishers of regional papers, Johnston Press). The editorial offices were latterly in Worksop, after the earlier local office in Dinnington closed.

It came out on Fridays.

A companion weekly freesheet, the Dinnington & Maltby Trader, ceased publication in 2011. The Guardian followed it into oblivion in July 2013, with the Worksop Guardian expanding its coverage area and its page count to cover the loss. Although at the time the Guardian series editor said that the Dinnington Guardian website would continue to be updated, since December 2013 the URL below has redirected to the parent title’s website. The social media accounts are still being maintained, however.