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Welcome to British Newspapers Online – all about the United Kingdom’s vibrant national, regional and local press. Whether you’re interested in the daily or weekly newspapers, tabloid or broadsheet format, or even magazines or business and trade publications, there’s something here for you! We’ve covered the heavyweight, “quality” papers, the downmarket “redtops“, and the midmarket ones in between too. And you’ll find links to their websites as well.

But British Newspapers Online is much more than a simple directory of links to newspapers! We give each newspaper its own page, with information about its format, its distribution area, its publication details, its contact details and (where possible) its history. All of the national newspapers and over 1,450 regional and local newspapers have their own individual pages, which are regularly reviewed to keep them up to date. (We believe we have all the UK’s regional and local newspapers covered, but if you’re looking for your own local paper and don’t find it, please let us know!)

Latest updates: Dumfries Courier, Tenbury Wells Advertiser, Dorset Echo, Chichester Observer (14 July 2014)

We carry information about the publishers too.
Latest: D C Thomson

In our In the News category, we take a look at some of the more interesting, important but obscure, or just plain weird stories that have appeared in the British newspapers online. We’ve added a bit of editorial comment of our own too. Why not have a look? You can join in on this part of the site yourself—if you’ve got something to say about any of the stories we’ve covered, just leave a comment. We’d love to hear what you’ve got to say!

Latest In the News: Taking their eyes off the ball

Our Newspaper Obituaries section reviews what the British newspapers online have to say about the recently deceased great and good. We’ll be running a summary of the most prominent obituaries whenever someone notable shuffles off this mortal coil.

Latest Obituary: Iain Banks

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