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Sunday Herald

The Sunday Herald is a Sunday compact (ie tabloid) Scottish nationwide newspaper. It’s the sister paper of The Herald and shares its editorial offices in Glasgow.

It was founded in 1999, after the management of The Herald (at that time Scottish Media Group, who also own Scottish Television) decided to target the advertising revenue which its rivals were receiving every Sunday. Both papers were sold to Newsquest in 2003, after an attempt by the Barclay brothers to buy them (and, it was feared, merge them with The Scotsman and Scotland on Sunday, which they owned at the time) was beaten off in 2002.

It’s left-of-centre politically and has been a strong supporter of devolution, though often critical of Holyrood politicians.

Although it has its own web address, the URL redirects to The Herald‘s website.

It achieved something of a scoop in its 22 May 2011 edition by publishing a thinly-disguised photograph of an English Premier League footballer who had taken out a super-injunction in the English courts to prevent newspapers from mentioning speculation that he was involved in an affair with Big Brother contestant Imogen Thomas.

An monthly app for the iPad, Sunday Herald Life, was launched in March 2013, offering a selection of content from the Herald‘s magazine. There are also apps for iPad/iPhone, Android and Kindle for the newspaper itself.

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