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Stop messing about…

Do you find it annoying that so many dog owners seem to let their pets defecate everywhere?

Well, the unsanitary state of one park in the West London suburb of South Ruislip has become so bad that one mother has banned her three daughters from playing there, as she told the Ruislip Gazette recently:

Ruislip Gazette: “It’s more poo than park”

Full marks to the woman for going to the newspapers with her story. But it’s a sad state of affairs that she’s had to do that – and that her previous three complaints have failed to get anything done about the mess piled up around the bins.

It’s all very well Hillingdon Council belatedly imposing a dog control order threatening a £1,000 fine for any dog owner failing to clean up after their dog. And of course owners have a responsibility to keep the streets and parks clean. But if the bins aren’t emptied on a regular basis, then it’s hardly surprising if they overflow. And what are the chances that any fines collected will be used to keep the amenity clean?

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