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Alcester Chronicle (defunct)

The Alcester Chronicle was a weekly freesheet tabloid newspaper delivered to homes in the town of Alcester in south-western Warwickshire.

It was founded in 1864. In 1966 it merged with the slightly older (1859) Redditch Indicator as the Redditch Indicator & Alcester Chronicle, before disappearing from the scene altogether in 1972. After the Indicator was merged into the Redditch Advertiser in 1988, it was resurrected as a sub-edition of that paper – and was thus a sub-sub-edition of the larger Bromsgrove, Redditch & Droitwich Advertiser group published by Newsquest (Midlands South) from editorial offices in Bromsgrove.

Although it had its own web address, it had no website of its own. As of June 2010 the URL redirected to the Alcester news pages on the Advertiser‘s site, but a reorganisation of that site meant that the link was broken; a direct link to the Advertiser‘s Alcester news pages is given below.

A tiny number of copies (roughly one per cent of the total print run) were sold through the news trade.

It came out on Wednesdays. An e-edition was also available on the website.

It was merged with the Redditch Advertiser in May 2013 to form the Redditch & Alcester Advertiser (“incorporating the Alcester Chronicle“).