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Gloucester News (defunct)

The Gloucester News was a weekly freesheet tabloid newspaper for the city of Gloucester and nearby villages in central Gloucestershire.

It was founded in 1981 as the Gloucester News Shopper, but became simply the Gloucester News in 1984. After 2010 it was technically one edition of an overall The News title, of which the Cheltenham & Tewkesbury News was the other.

It was published by Gloucestershire Media, part of Northcliffe Media, which was at the time the regional newspaper publishing division of the Daily Mail & General Trust. The editoral offices were collocated with those of The Citizen in Gloucester.

It had no website of its own; its web presence was through Northcliffe’s website, which in 2011 switched from being the Northcliffe Gloucestershire newspapers’ website to a portal for which the newspapers merely provide news.

It came out on Thursdays.

It ceased publication in 2012.