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Waltham Forest News

The Waltham Forest News is a tabloid newspaper distributed to residents of the London Borough of Waltham Forest – usually every fortnight, although occasionally there are three weeks between issues.

It was launched in July 2009 as Waltham Forest Council‘s own newssheet. The editorial offices are, as you’d expect, in Waltham Forest Town Hall in Walthamstow.

Its editorial policy is to ‘inform and engage everyone who lives and works in Waltham Forest, and enhance the reputation of the council’. In common with other council-run newspapers, it’s attracted a certain amount of criticism from other newspapers and from residents (and from London Mayor Boris Johnson) for lacking editorial independence, for being a misuse of council tax payers’ money and for depriving commercially-run newspapers of advertising revenue. It continues to be published in spite of the government’s attempt to ban so-called ‘town hall Pravdas‘.

An e-edition’s available free on the website.

  • Address:
  • Waltham Forest News
    Waltham Forest Town Hall
    Forest Road

    E17 4JF
  • Tel:
  • 020 8496 3000
  • Fax:
  • 020 8496 3301