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Harlow Herald (defunct)

The Harlow Herald was a weekly freesheet tabloid newspaper for the New Town of Harlow and surrounding parts of western Essex, including the nearby town of Sawbridgeworth.

It started in 1970 as the Harlow edition of the Classified, and was renamed the Harlow & Epping Classified in 1976. In 1986 it was renamed the Harlow and District News & Classified, but only for four issues, after which it became the Harlow and District Classified & News. A relaunch in 1989 saw it renamed the Harlow & Epping Herald & Post; Epping was dropped from the title in early 1990 but restored in October 1991. It was renamed simply the Herald in 1993 and split into various editions from then until its demise.

It was published by Archant Herts & Cambs from editorial offices in Harlow.

It came out on Thursdays. An e-edition was also available via the website by free subscription.

It was replaced in September 2010 by the Harlow Scene, a “news-zine”. The URL now redirects to the Scene‘s website.