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Morning Star

Historically, the Morning Star was the newspaper of the Communist Party of Great Britain. It was launched in 1930 as the Daily Worker, the CPGB’s official organ, though after 1945 it was owned by a readers’ co-operative, the People’s Press Printing Society. It was renamed the Morning Star in 1966. (Several other newspapers had borne the name previously – the most recent of them, and the longest-lived, was The Morning Star: A herald of the second coming of Jesus Christ, which ran from 1894 to 1957.)

It broke with the CPGB when its editor, John Haylett, left that party to join the Communist Party of Britain in 1988, as glasnost and perestroika were starting to reshape what was then known as Eastern Europe. It’s still on the far left (and describes itself as “Britain’s only socialist daily paper”), although it does extend support in elections to non-Communists, and even to some Labour candidates (though not to “New Labour”).

It’s a tabloid, and comes out every day from Monday to Saturday. The offices are in Tower Hamlets in east London, just a short distance away from the Olympic Stadium.

An e-edition’s now available by paid subscription.

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