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Bus wars on the streets of Preston!

Preston’s bus stops have become the scene of an unseemly battle for business between national transport giant Stagecoach and local operator Preston Bus, which has been raging ever since last May, when Stagecoach started plying lucrative routes previously operated by Preston Bus. According to the Lancashire Evening Post, the companies have even resorted to taking video footage of each other’s alleged underhand tactics.

Lancashire Evening Post: Public enquiry over bus wars (with videos)

So now an expensive public enquiry is to be held. Meanwhile, the population of Preston continue to suffer unnecessary waits at bus stops while grown men and women scuttle around with video cameras collecting “evidence” against each other.

So competition will bring about a more efficient bus service, will it? Say what you like about the public bus companies before Thatcher forced deregulation on the councils, but at least they never resorted to stuff like this.

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