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Bogus water board official strikes

Remember the public information film in the late ’60s or early ’70s about a woman burgled by a succession of people ringing her doorbell (which got shriller and shriller) and claiming to be tradespeople? Well, it seems from the tale of one Trowbridge woman reported in the Wiltshire Times that that particular scam is still alive and well – and that people are still being taken in by it:

Wiltshire Times: Bogus water official strikes

It seems incredible that, even after years of heightened publicity about the perils of people turning up on the doorstep unannounced and posing as utility company representatives, policemen or what have you, anyone could still be falling for what’s becoming a very old trick. The companies themselves give good guidance on checking their employees’ IDs, including images of sample ID cards and phone numbers which can be used to check the person’s bona fides. But if householders won’t follow that advice, then con artists are always going to get away with at least some of their attempts.

It’s pretty simple, after all: if someone you don’t know rings your doorbell without an appointment, be on your guard!

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