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Hounslow Informer (defunct)

The Hounslow Informer was a weekly freesheet tabloid newspaper distributed to homes in the London Borough of Hounslow in West London.

It was founded in 1974 as The Hounslow and Twickenham Informer. The and Twickenham was first dropped in 1982, then replaced – first in 1988 by & Chiswick, then in 2001 by & Isleworth when Chiswick got its own edition, the Brentford & Chiswick Informer; a third edition, the Whitton Informer, was launched in 2006.

It was published by North Surrey & London Newspapers, a division of Trinity Mirror Southern. It was a companion newspaper to the paid-for weekly tabloid the Hounslow Chronicle and shared its editorial offices (in Hounslow) and website.

It came out on Fridays.

It ceased publication in April 2009 when the Chronicle became mostly a freesheet.