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Gwendraeth Star

The Gwendraeth Star is a sub-edition of the weekly tabloid newspaper the Llanelli Star that’s sold in the Gwendraeth Valley in Carmarthenshire, including the town of Kidwelly at the mouth of the Gwendraeth.

It started off in about 1988 as the Gwendraeth Valley edition of the Llanelli Star, but gained its own identity as the Gwendraeth Llanelli Star in 1989, then as the Gwendraeth Valley Llanelli Star in 1990. In 1991 it reverted to being the Gwendraeth Valley edition of the Llanelli Star, but adopted its present title in 1999 and has kept it ever since.

It’s published by Swansea-based South West Wales Media Ltd,  a branch of Northcliffe Media – which used to be the Daily Mail & General Trust‘s regional newspaper publishing division, but is now part of the Local World group. The editorial offices are in Llanelli.

It has no website of its own. Prior to the creation of Local World, along with the Llanelli Star it piggybacked on South West Wales Media’s website (which was the website of the South Wales Evening Post until 2011, but was then developed into a local portal for which Northcliffe’s newspapers merely contributed the news). However, Local World decided in early 2013 that all former Northcliffe newspapers should have their own “publisher-branded” websites; as a sub-edition, the Gwendraeth Star is covered by the Llanelli Star‘s site.

Like its parent newspaper, it comes out on Wednesdays.

  • Address:
  • Gwendraeth Star
    11 Cowell Street
    SA15 1UU
  • Tel:
  • 01554 745334
  • Fax:
  • 01554 745335