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Newspaper Obituaries

Newspaper obituaries are a rich source of information for family historians and genealogists. In many cases an obituary in the local newspaper is the only written record which gives any clue about a person’s life.

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Iain Banks

Iain Banks, author of mainstream and science fiction novels, died on 9 June 2013 aged 59.

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Bert Weedon

Bert Weedon, guitarist and author of the influential Play in a Day manual, died on 20 April 2012 aged 91

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Davy Jones

Davy Jones, actor and member of 1960s pop band The Monkees, died on 29 February 2012 aged 66

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Egon Ronay

Egon Ronay, Hungarian-born restaurateur, food critic and restaurant guide compiler, died on 12 June 2010 aged (so it is believed) 94.

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