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Weekend Sport

The Weekend Sport was launched in January 2012 as the third member of David Sullivan’s Sport series of red-top tabloid newspapers, all published by his company Sunday Sport (2011), set up after the collapse of Sport Newspapers Ltd in April 2011.

As with the other two – the relaunched Sunday Sport and the Midweek Sport – it’s questionable whether the Weekend Sport merits the name “newspaper”, as the news content is negligible – the stories are for amusement rather than information and are written with tongue firmly in cheek. Again, as with the other two, the bulk of the content is soft porn and adverts for sex supplies and services.

At the time of its launch, managing director Mark Harris was quoted as saying that it would have a heavier emphasis on features and showbiz stories than the “more serious” Midweek Sport – but he also noted that he was using the term “serious” loosely.

It shares editorial offices in Manchester with its sister titles and relies on the Sunday Sport‘s website for its Internet presence.

It comes out on Fridays and remains on sale on Saturdays.

  • Address:
  • Weekend Sport
    City View House
    5 Union Street

    M12 4JD
  • Tel:
  • 0161 358 0398
  • Fax:
  • 0161 276 1952