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Midweek Sport

The Midweek Sport was launched in August 2011 as a companion to the reincarnated Sunday Sport red-top newspaper.

It’s published by Sunday Sport (2011), owned by David Sullivan, who launched the original Sunday Sport back in 1986. Like its parent title, it’s a blend of celebrity stories with a salacious angle (its first front page carried a Cheryl Cole crotch shot), bizarre news items and large amounts of soft porn, together with more sex and porn adverts than you can shake a stick at.

Its managing director claimed that the first issue sold 80,000 copies rather than the 60,000 targeted, although neither the Midweek Sport nor the Sunday Sport is ABC-audited.

At present it has no website of its own; the link below is to the Sunday Sport‘s website. (Both and currently redirect to the Daily Sport‘s website, which is not owned by Sunday Sport (2011)). Likewise, it shares the Sunday Sport‘s editorial offices, which are in Manchester.

Each issue comes out on Wednesday and remains on sale until Saturday.

  • Address:
  • Midweek Sport
    City View House
    5 Union Street

    M12 4JD
  • Tel:
  • 0161 358 0398
  • Fax:
  • 0161 276 1952