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Lá Nua (defunct)

Lá Nua (“New Day”) was a daily tabloid newspaper published in Belfast on Mondays to Fridays and was Ireland’s first daily paper published in the Irish (Gaelic) language.

Founded in 1984 as (“Day”), Lá Nua was relaunched as a daily newspaper in January 2007 after winning a contract from Foras na Gaeilge, the body set up under the Good Friday Agreement to support the Irish language throughout the island of Ireland. However, funding was withdrawn in October 2008 and the paper ceased publication on 19 December 2008.

It was published by the Belfast Media Group, who also publish the twice-weekly Andersonstown News as well as the weekly North Belfast News and South Belfast News.

It was distributed widely throughout Ireland and had offices in the Donegal Gaeltacht as well as the growing Gaeltacht Quarter of West Belfast. The back issues were still available on its website in e-edition format nearly three years later, but have now disappeared; the domain has changed hands.

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