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Toddler “caught doing 25mph over the limit”

The Sheffield Star reports that there was a bit of a shock for Wakefield couple Sharna and Mohamed Khan last week when they received a notice of intended prosecution through the post. But that was nothing to the shock they had when they realised that the alleged speeding offence cited in the notice had been committed by their two-year-old daugher Ayesha!

The Star: £60 ticket for Ayesha, aged 2

Stories of speeding tickets issued on the back of dodgy evidence from faulty speeding cameras are ten-a-penny these days. But this story is a bit different, since the car involved didn’t even belong to Ayesha’s parents, let alone to her. And, quite naturally, they’re concerned that their daughter’s identity may have been misused for criminal purposes.

OK, so the police have apologised for issuing the speeding ticket to Ayesha. But their explanation’s a bit waffly; “ambiguity in the information supplied to us” could mean almost anything. If their computer’s cocked up, couldn’t they at least have come out and said so?

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