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Squirrel pays price for nutty idea

Here’s a daft story covered by the Press Association which The Guardian has picked up:

The Guardian: Squirrel pays price for nutty idea

Of course, squirrels are quite resourceful when it comes to getting nuts – you may remember the 1980s documentary about the squirrel that was given increasingly difficult challenges to retrieve nuts from a bird table, and gradually trained up to an elaborate sequence of puzzles that resembled an army assault course as much as anything. (The final challenge was then made into a very successful “I bet he drinks Carling Black Label” advert.)

Sadly, this one seems to have worked out only half the puzzle: how to get in to where the nuts were. The other half – how to get out again afterwards – seems to have eluded it.

The photo originally posted to illustrate the piece was a red squirrel, not a grey one; you can tell by the tufty ears and wispy tail. They’ve replaced it since.

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