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Rudolph hit by bluetongue disease

The livestock diseases afflicting much of southern England over the last few months have had some surprising knock-on effects. Most of the focus, of course, has been on the movement of animals for breeding or slaughter. But the Worcester News managed to track down a more unusual story affecting the Christmas lights switching-on parade in the spa town of Great Malvern:

Worcester News: Rudolph in town parade despite disease controls

It seems that normally the reindeer for the parade come from Kent, but movement restrictions have forced the parade’s organisers to look elsewhere – in the event, they’re now being brought in from rather closer to home, in Staffordshire.

Part of the parade route is on Church Street, which is a notoriously steep road. You have to pity the reindeer if it’s icy and they have to drag Santa up that hill – or, possibly worse, try to avoid going out of control while descending it!

(The switching-on itself was done by Su Pollard of Hi-De-Hi! fame. You can read an interview with Su on our sister site:

British Expat: An interview with Su Pollard )

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