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Mother sent stripper to school as treat

Plenty of high jinks in one Nottinghamshire school last week as a mix-up at a kissagram/strippagram agency led to a 16-year-old birthday boy getting the embarrassment of his life!

Daily Telegraph: Mother sent stripper to school as treat

There are quite a few things in this story that don’t quite add up, though.

For starters, as the Nottingham Evening Post report on the story pointed out, surely the agency should have realised that sending a stripper to a school was a bit dodgy and double-checked the booking? And if even that didn’t happen, couldn’t the stripper have worked that out for herself?

Nottingham Evening Post: Stripper probe at Arnold school (link broken)

And if the young lad was really so embarrassed, why did he leave it until after he’d been made to crawl round the classroom on all fours and spanked on the bottom to run out of the classroom?

Oh well, that’s one birthday he’ll never forget… or live down for the rest of his life, probably!

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