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25 most bizarre travel insurance claims

Ever had to claim on your travel insurance? While many claims are dealt with efficiently and paid by the insurer with no fuss, there’s the odd claim – in some cases, very odd – which makes the loss adjusters sit up and take notice. The Times printed a list of some of the weirder ones in its Times Money supplement recently:

Money Central: The 25 Most Bizarre Travel Insurance Claims Ever (page withdrawn)

OK, some of them were simply freak accidents – it’s not so uncommon for coconuts to drop out of trees and bash people on the head, it’s just that not many of the victims are tourists. But how did anyone expect to get away with a claim for £300 worth of Bombay mix – unless they were a commercial traveller and had a policy to reflect that?

Don’t forget, insurance fraud is not victimless crime. OK, so it’s the insurance company that loses. But where do you think they’re going to make up their loss? In higher premiums, of course.

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