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Birmingham Post Lite (defunct)

The Birmingham Post Lite was a weekly freesheet tabloid newspaper delivered to targeted households in the affluent suburbs of Harborne, Edgbaston and Moseley in South and South West Birmingham.

It was launched in April 2010 by BPM Media, part of Trinity Mirror Midlands, as a companion to their paid-for weekly title the Birmingham Post. The timing of its launch was seen as a response to the launch by Chris Bullivant, founder of Bullivant Media, of a new “quasi-paid for” title, the Birmingham Press, which it narrowly beat into the market and which was forced to close after just six months.

It came out on Thursdays.

Its publication was suspended just before Christmas 2010. Although BPM stated in late January 2011 that the break had been a seasonal one to take account of the lack of property advertising revenue over the festive season and that publication would resume imminently, the Post Lite appears to have disappeared altogether since then.