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Pulman’s View from Axminster

Pulman’s View from Axminster is a weekly freesheet tabloid for the town of Axminster in East Devon.

It was founded in 2005 as the View from Axminster, part of a View from… series covering much of East Devon. In 2009 the series was renamed Pulman’s View from… and published as companions to Pulman’s Weekly News, the Tindle Newspapers group’s paid-for title for the East Devon, West Dorset and South Somerset area.

In April 2012 Tindle set up a new publishing subsidiary, Devon, Dorset and Somerset Series of Newspapers Ltd, to publish its Pulman’s titles and the newly-acquired View from… series for West Dorset and South Somerset. The Pulman’s editorial offices remained in Axminster initially, but have since moved to Lyme Regis.

At the beginning of July 2012 it absorbed Pulman’s Weekly News and has since been published as Pulman’s Weekly News & View from Axminster. Since then it’s borne the legend “Est. 1857” alongside its own issue numbers starting in 2005, which looks a little odd.

It comes out on Tuesdays. An e-edition’s also available free online.

  • Address:
  • Pulman’s View from Axminster
    Unit 3
    St Michael’s Business Centre
    Church Street

    DY7 3DB
  • Tel:
  • 01297 631120
  • Fax:
  • 01297 35417