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East Herts Herald (defunct)

The East Herts Herald was a weekly freesheet tabloid newspaper for eastern Hertfordshire, covering the towns of Ware, Hertford, Cheshunt and smaller communities such as Hoddesdon, Waltham Cross and Broxbourne.

Its origins lay in the Classified, a series launched in 1969 covering northern and eastern Hertfordshire. In 1978 the series split into free-standing titles, including the Hoddesdon Classified, which then became the Hertfordshire East Classified in 1983. In 1986 it was retitled the Hoddesdon News & Classified, then shortly afterwards the Hoddesdon Classified & News; the Hertford & Ware Classified & News started at the same time. Both titles were relaunched as part of a new Herald & Post series in 1989, and united as the Hoddesdon, Hertford & Ware Herald & Post two years later. The title then went minimalist in 1993, becoming simply Herald (and restarting the issue numbering from scratch); the Broxbourne, Hertford & Ware edition became the East Herts Herald in 2004.

Latterly it was published by Archant Herts & Cambs, a branch of the Norwich-based Archant media group’s regional newspaper publishing division, Archant Regional. The editorial offices were in Welwyn Garden City and shared with its paid-for sister newspaper, the Welwyn & Hatfield Times.

It came out on Thursdays. Archived free e-editions were also available on the website after registration.

It was succeeded in October 2010 by the short-lived Hertford & Ware Scene, one of a series of “news-zines” which itself ceased publication in June 2011. The link below now redirects to Archant’s website.