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The Mail on Sunday

The national Sunday tabloid newspaper The Mail on Sunday was launched by Associated Newspapers (part of the Daily Mail & General Trust) in 1982. It had to take this name because of the prior existence in Scotland of the Sunday Mail, which started publication in 1918. Otherwise it’s just a clone of the Daily Mail, its weekday stablemate (literally – it shares the same editorial offices just off Kensington High Street, although its editorial staff are entirely separate).

It’s adopted the same right-wing stance and “right-thinking” tone (although initially it was far more centrist; it supported the Social Democratic Party in the 1983 general election).

There’s also an Irish Mail on Sunday and a “foreign” edition. (How very typical of the Mail that it should be called “foreign” rather than “international”.)

It’s available together with the Daily Mail as an app, for iPhone and Android.

  • Address:
  • Mail on Sunday
    Associated Newspapers Limited
    Northcliffe House
    2 Derry Street

    W8 5TT
  • Tel:
  • 020 7938 6000
  • Fax:
  • 020 7937 5320
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